Friday, May 4, 2012

Datafile - Brimstone Academy

Emma Frost, Headmistress
of Brimstone Academy
The death of Charles Xavier and disbanding of the X-Men caused a great fracture between the students who once believed in his dream. Mutants have multiple options of mentors, teams and schools to develop their powers and decide where they stand on the issues that trouble all mutantkind.

The Brimstone Academy offers many of the trappings of the Xavier School, such as a boarding school feel and mutant power training. But the philosophy is much different. Graduates of the Academy become heroes and villains because they are taught one simple lesson. You have a gift of powers and only you will determine how that gift will be used.

The Academy is run by Emma Frost. The name is a call back to her associations with The Hellfire Club, though Emma insists the school is not grooming new kings or queens for that mutant secret society. The Academy is not as high profile as Col. Summers Xavier Peace Force, nor does it wish to be.

The children are generally from well-off families. Mutant teams are often created by the natural cliques that teenagers set up on their own. Frost has no problem pulling together a team from the members of her school for a particular agenda. The extent of the use of her psychic abilities is unknown, but most members seem happy to be in a place where their powers are not feared.

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