Sunday, March 18, 2012

X-Country - Milestones and Unlockables - False Phoenix Arc

Milestone: Presumed Innocent
1 XP: when you ignore anti-mutant prejudice
3 XP: when you take action to protect someone with an anti-mutant viewpoint
10 XP: when you turn yourself in for your day in court or sacrifice yourself for a world that hates you

Milestone: Proven Guilty
1 XP: when you confront another mutant outside the team about Jean Grey's message
3 XP: when you inflict stress on a mutant who believes Jean has returned
10 XP: when you finish the job started at the Xavier Memorial or start a civil war between mutants with the truth of the False Phoenix

5/10 XP: Unlock Mutant Aid
Not every mutant believes that Jean Grey's reappearance is legitimate. Those who came to the Xavier Memorial were mostly convinced but there are those with doubts. For 5 XP, a known mutant will aid your team subtly. They will put you up, offer resources, but will do so in a way where their help won't be traced back. For 10 XP, that mutant will come to your aid in an out-and-out conflict.

5/10: Unlock Government Aid
Beast was not fooled by the False Phoenix. Carol Danvers is working with him to keep the fugitives on the move while he works on discovering the truth behind Jean's return. Beast has many connections within Washington D.C. and is willing to use those connections to help you out. 5 XP will have the Beast's pull get rid of any legal issues, like getting bailed out after being arrested. 10 XP lets Beast call in a favor from one of his non-mutant buddies to help out the fugitives in a time of need.

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