Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Datafile - Redwood

Team: d8
Buddy: d6
Solo: d10

Flower Child
The Popular One
Never Back Down From A Bully

All Natural Mutant
d10 Superhuman Strength
d10 Growth
d8 Plant Control
d8 Durability

d8 Crime Expert
d8 Menace Expert
d8 Science Expert

Datafile - Pandora

"Nothing personal. I hate all humans."
Team: d10
Buddy: d8
Solo: d6

Demon Eyes
Hell's Exchange Student
Vicious Little Thing

Mystic Mutant
d8 Teleport
d8 Stretching
d8 Shapeshifting

d8 Crime Expert
d8 Mystic Expert

Datafile - Untouchable

Team: d10
Buddy: d8
Solo: d6

Hot for Teacher
No More Killing
Broods With The Best of Them

Silent Mutant
d8 Intangibility
d8 Telepathy
d8 Psychic Blast

d10 Medic
d8 Business
d8 Psych

Datafile - Accelerator

"Let's just say I have a graduate degree in kicking your ass"
Team: d10
Buddy: d8
Solo: d6

First in Class, Second In Command
Genosha's Favorite Son
The Dick in Valedictorian

Power Set 1: Master of Gravity
d10 Reflexes
d10 Flight
d10 Gravity Resistance
d10 Superhuman Speed
d10 Superhuman Strength
d8 Gravity Control
d8 Gravity Attack
d8 Gravity Grip
Limit: Mutant

d10 Menace Master
d8 Vehicle Expert
d8 Covert Expert

Monday, April 2, 2012

Longshot's Diary - Welcome to Creed Creek

Longshot’s Notes to Producers Diary Journal Musings
Alright, so I totally have this new movie plot for you guys.  Listen up!  We start our film on a distance shot of a dusty road, a high end SUV pulled over on the side of the empty stretch of desert.  A rugged, handsome man steps out of the car.  We’ll call him Blade… Maximus Blade.
Cut to the SUV bursting into flame as a ragtag bunch of heroes walk away (making sure not to look at the explosion).  Maximus, played of course by yours truly, leads the pack away from the flames.  The group consists of two hot ladies (one younger and more innocent looking [Fallow] and one more intimidating yet still gorgeous looking [Fuse]… gotta hit all the demographics here), a bulky dude with claws [Daken], and an intellectual doctor type [Relapse].  
Cut to an Old West town, tumbleweeds and all.  A menacing bandit type guy with a nasty bite on him [Sabertooth] rolls up to the group as they approach the edge of the town.  We have a stare off, Old West style, right?  He totally backs down from my intimidating glance.  Cut to the bar, filled with hot girls drinking Zima ‘til the sun comes up, including a bluish purple one with a tail and the most AMAZING body you can imagine [Nightingale].  Behind the bar, Daken and Sabertooth scuffle.  *Insert non-Longshot Action Scene here*  [Writer’s Note:  Possibly incorporate Longshot into this scene to keep the audience invested]
Cut to a secret plot, Longshot and a strange stretchy man [Lasher] talk about getting rid of the bandits in this town and bringing back the piece.  Longshot and Daken then discuss how to handle the Sheriff [Sabertooth] and how this town ain’t big enough for the three of us.
Cut to huge fight scene involving a ton of pyrotechnics and a lot of the people that aren’t Maximus Blade fighting while Maximus rescues civilians with the help of the lovely Nightingale, who is both awed and wooed by his illustrious heroism in the face of mortal danger.  Maximus steals the evil bandit’s motorcycle, carrying all the civilians to safety while the battle rages on.  In the end, there's this bomb that's going to explode unless it keeps moving at at least 40 miles an hour, so Maximus loads it up on the bike and drives off into the desert, saving the world as the credits roll.
I haven’t wrote the ending yet, and some of the middle bits need to be filled in, but I can definitely see this as the next big action hit!  It’s totally a blockbuster waiting to be made.  Start counting the millions now, folks!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Datafile - Snowflame

“Cocaine is my God -- and I am the human instrument of its will!"
Team: d6
Solo: d10
True Wild Child
Addiction?  What Addiction?
Shady Business Dealer
Power Set 1:  Cocaine Force
Enhanced Reflexes d8
Superhuman Strength d6
Superhuman Speed d6
Pyrokinesis d8
Godlike Endurance d12
SFX: Snorting Lines. Instead of spending a plot point, create physical stress (or step up current physical stress one level) to use an additional power from this power set.  May be used multiple times for a single roll. 
SFX:  Higher than high.  Spend a plot point to step up a die from this power set by one level.  May be used multiple times for a single roll.
SFX:  Who feels pain?  After you roll to defend against physical stress, grant your opponent a plot point.  Add 2d12 to your die pool for that defense roll.
SFX: Keep on rollin’.  Spend 1 PP to recover your stress during transition scenes.
Limit: Cocaine.  Step down all powers in “Cocaine Force” power set by one each scene that begins with lacking access to cocaine.  Stacks each scene.  Recover power upon doing cocaine.
Limit: Mutant. Earn 1 PP when affected by mutant-specific Milestones and tech.
d8 Combat Expert
d8 Covert Expert
d8 Menace Expert
d8 Psych Expert