Friday, July 11, 2014

America's Avengers - The Fantastic Foundation Honors Peter Parker

Every year, the Fantastic Foundation chooses a person who has helped save the world. The night features testimonials from friends, a look back at their career, and the closest thing Marvels have to an award show.

This year's choice is Peter Parker aka Spider-Man. Parker recently retired from the New York Public School system after 40 years of service as a teacher. He's avoided trading on his superhero persona for many years, but he apparently couldn't say no to an invitation from Steve Rogers, a previous Fantastic Foundation honoree.

Rogers likely means America's Avengers will be in attendance. The election year means the other candidates will be at Radio City Music Hall too. Sparks will fly, zingers will fill the air and there's always a chance an old villain will show up to disrupt the proceedings.

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