Friday, June 13, 2014

eXtradimensional - Chariots of the Mutants

An excerpt from "Could It Be?", a magazine show about fringe science, alternative theories and the strange corner cases of the world.

The idea that Marvels spontaneously came about 50 years ago seems unlikely. Surely there have been others, throughout the vast span of human history, with the same wondrous abilities? According to one researcher, there were, but details about the grand civilization these prehistoric Marvels built are few and far between.

Dr. Bryan Ratner claims an ancient civilization called the Sabanites were made up of servile humans and a ruling class of those with powers. This monoculture was where later civilizations like the Egpytians and Mayans took their inspiration from.

Ratner's theory includes the idea that the mythology of the cultures were based in fact. The gods were Marvels, which, looking at Norse mythology, doesn't seem that far fetched an idea.

The city of Sabah, if it existed, was rumored to be a place of high technology and almost magical ability. Of course, if such a place existed, where is it now? Why are there no ruins? Is it possible that such a wondrous city could be wiped off the map?

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